New songs ensure that the old songs endure.

" ‘Appen It'll Brighten Up Yet !"


  A new play for the 2019-20 season! 

     It's about Britain's favourite

     talking point - The weather!!!

First night - 27th of April 2019 at the Fold..........

“Appen It’ll Brighten Up Yet!”  is about the

subject that we just can’t stop talking about …………… the British Weather!


It features prominently in the Nation’s conversations, - it affects our plans and even the way we feel and behave! Predicting what it will do next

has never been easy, whether using weird and wonderful weather lore or        

Hi -Tech forecasts……..the weather keeps us guessing!

“Appen It’ll Brighten Up Yet!” takes a close look at this unpredictable topic.


Expect wonderful songs, poems, sketches, some humour, some reflection,

and a whole lot of interesting facts and history that you never knew………

but will now be able to tell your friends!

Other Dates so far:-
3rd -5th May Upton Folk Festival.
5th-8th September Bromyard Folk Festival
14th October Malvern Citizen's Advice.
2nd November Cradley Village Hall.
6th December Powick Village Hall.

1st February Pershore Foodbank

More dates coming soon

If you are interested in booking “Appen It’ll Brighten Up Yet’ or would like more information, please contact Eileen or Eric through the contact us section of the website.

Bookings are being taken now for evenings from May 2019 onwards.